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Comicdom Con Athens #1
Charitable Sketching Session, "Draw the World Together", Hellenic-American Union, 7/5/2006, charcoal pencil on A4 paper
"Technopaignion" 4, a tribute to silence, 5/2006, ink on A4 paper
Où est Cyrielle?
12/7/2007, ink on A4 paper
25/7/2007, Ink on A4 paper
2008, watercolor pencils on A4 paper
Sweet Bird of Youth
2006, ink on paper, personal collection
Babel #157, 8-9/1994, ink on A4 paper, text: Nick Xydakis
Do you think I'm sexy?
29/11/2003, pencil on A4 paper
Lifestyle for sale
7/2008, design for t-shirt
ink on A4 paper, 17/4/2002
Smoking Guy
1989, crayon on A4 paper
Telerama #
1992, ink on A4 paper
Valentina & Torpedo
Babel #  , pencil on watercolor paper, 34,5x24,5cm
Twenty five
Babel #235, 25 years anniversary, 3/2006, ink on A4 paper
Save yourself
7/2008, design for t-shirt
Babel #162
5/1995, ink & pencil on A3 paper
One-eyed Girl
1989, crayon on A4 paper
Babel #
"Servox", 1995, ink and xerox print on A3 paper
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